Reweaving Takes Patience & Diligence:

You have to love it to do it. We do.

Reweaving is the meticulous art of closing, thread by thread, holes and tears caused by wear, moths, and other damage. Carefully, using the threads that remain in the garment, we close holes so that an untrained eye would never be able to tell they were there. Tweeds, flannels, and many polyesters reweave beautifully; other fabrics, such as silk and corduroy, are more difficult to reweave. However, we give every item a chance, and we will examine anything you have to see if it can be rewoven. Ellie’s reweaving services in Rancho Bernardo extend to non-garment items (tablecloths, sheets) as well as delicate fabrics, including lace. Moth-eaten and damaged fabric should not force you to retire your beautiful clothing or antique fabrics. We treasure these items, and we find ways to fix them. If your items cannot be rewoven perfectly due to extensive damage or faded materials, we will consult with you about innocuous solutions (such as section weaving) that will make your items usable and displayable again. We will gladly come to your home or other location in Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe or the surrounding areas to consult with you about reweaving of delicate or antique items.
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